Lower Back Pain: Where to begin?

KOA Lecture - Low Back Pain 2023.pd

Adult Vaccines of the Future 

Kansas Adult Vaccines of the Future.pdf

K-TRACS, Prescribing & You 

K-TRACS Donaldson.pdf

CMS Updates 

CMS Update Dobbs.pdf

Independent Medical Review 

Medical Review.pdf

Vital Leadership 


CAR-T: Continuation In a Revolution of Cancer Therapeutics 


Psych Polypharmacy....Yes!

Psych Polypharmacy.pdf

NAFLD: The Skinny on Fatty Liver Disease 


Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnosing, Treating, and Managing Symptoms 

Multiple Sclerosis.pdf

Osteopathic Cranial Manipulation - Neuroscience Correlation 

Cranial Manipulation.pdf

Where's Waldo? Staying abreast of current radiologic screening exams 

Radiologic Screening - Breast Update.pdf

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